An Event Apart Chicago 2012

Steve Jobs on Speech Technology as Transcribed by an iPhone 4S

In 2003 Steve Jobs sat down with Walt Mossberg at the first ever D: All Things Digital conference. The end of the session included a rare open Q&A with Jobs by audience members in which the following question was asked:

“You talk about handwriting and keyboard, how about speech as a human interface?”

Here is Steve’s answer transcribed by an iPhone 4S using iOS 5’s Dictation feature:

“You know that the last part of that question is is exactly right I I I’ve been almost 30 years and it’s speech is always been five years away because I’m trying to completions
But it went most of the really smart people of speech I know have gotten out of Beelitz it’s like nuclear fusion a lot of bright people went into it and and and people now think it’s a ways away you can do what you can do adequate speech today to meet your correcting a lot of stuff if you just have to know even 1% area try cannot as it turns out you can speak a lot of words in a few terrible so it’s got to be very accurate and so far no one’s come up with the technology Apple’s got a very we got to speak working on stuff Microsoft has a group you want GreatWorks be done in academia but it doesn’t look like it’s been a be real anytime soon I wish it was different”

Here is what he actually said:

“Ya know, the last part of that question is exactly right. I’ve been in this industry almost 30 years and speech has always been five years away. It’s been constant time to completion, just moving along 5 years away. Most of the really smart people in speech I know have gotten out of the field. It’s like nuclear fusion a lot of bright people went into it and people now think it’s a ways away. You can do you can do adequate speech today but it means you’re correcting a lot of stuff. If you just have even 1% error it drives you nuts. Because it turns out you can speak a lot of words in a five minute interval. So, it’s gotta be very accurate and so far no ones come up with the technology. Apple’s got a speech group working on stuff. Microsoft has a group. A lot of great work is being done in academia but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be real any time soon. I wish it was different.”

Looks like Steve was right.

ILD Bike MS: Tour De Farms 2012

I should have posted this much sooner but I’ve been busy. Perhaps too busy, but it’s never too late:

This weekend I will be riding, with my good friend Laura, in the ILD Bike MS: Tour De Farms 2012 in an effort to raise money to fight MS.

This is a cause that is very important to me. Growing up I saw MS devastate and eventually take the life of my “Aunt” Kathy , my mother’s best friend.

I’ve set a small goal of $400 but I’d like to blow it out of the water. If you’re interested in helping out you can donate here. It’s tax deductible and goes to a very good cause.


#ManCleanse May

This week I had friends from out of town visiting me. While they were here we spent a good amount of time eating out, going to bars and staying up late. Waking up this morning not feeling so wonderful got me thinking — When I look around at the women I’m friends with, I’ve noticed a disproportionate amount of them are usually healthier eaters than myself and my guy friends. They are usually in somewhat better shape too.

I want to change this.

Many people suggest things like “go vegan” or “go paleo”. The problem is, I like meat, dairy, and wheat. Whether it’s healthy or not to completely cut foods out of your diet can be debated until we’re blue in the face. The fact is I simply don’t want to stop eating these things. I enjoy them regardless of their health benefit or lack thereof.

What I’ve decided is that Starting Monday April 30th I, along with other friends and followers on Twitter, will be going on a self-imposed cleanse diet for at least one week, potentially the whole month. We are calling it #ManCleanse May.

The rules are as follows. From breakfast on Mondays until dinner on Friday:

  • No Alcohol
  • No Red Meat
  • No Fried Foods
  • No Soda
  • No Coffee (optional)

The coffee is optional because I recognize that some people are dependent on it to do their jobs. For many it would be too hard to kick cold turkey. Besides the idea of this is to not cheat yourself of the things you love. Some people really enjoy their morning coffee. I already don’t drink coffee regularly so it’s no big deal for me. If you want to give it up, we support and applaud you. Those who don’t, we won’t judge.

My goal is to generally start living healthier in general without completely sacrificing the things I love. I imagine the benefits will be potential weight loss and increased energy.  You are welcome to join in for just one week or the whole month. You’re welcome to take this as an opportunity to give up other things as well if you see fit. If you think it’s time to quit smoking, we’ll get your back and cheer you on.

Who’s with me?

Men, if you are interested tweet out this article with the hashtag #ManCleanse, encourage your friends to join in and connect with and cheer on other men taking the challenge.

Women, while our goal is to promote healthier eating for men, you’re welcome to join in as well!  Your support is also welcomed to encourage and cheer on the men in your life to eat healthier.

If you are already a vegan or paleo dieter, props to you for your healthy eating choices. That said, you are still welcome to join in as well on the applicable parts of the #ManCleanse if you’d like. Just because we’ll be having a big burger and fries on Friday nights doesn’t mean you have to!