Bob Sheppard

I speak often of Yankee Stadium being my one true home but there was a presence there that to me epitomized baseball. It was the voice of Bob Sheppard.

To me the defining moment of a Yankee world series game always came down to one moment, one moment of bottled up intensity that sent the crowd into a fever, it was excitement exemplified and it came at the bottom 8th inning…


Enter Sandman hits on the PA, and the crowd rises to their feet as Metallica’s anthem begins to pump through their veins like the fuel injection of a car.

“Now pitching for the New York Yankees… number forty two Mariano Rivera.”


It was Bob Sheppard’s voice.

Bob’s presence is the perfect contrast to Metallica’s it reminds the fans that this is class, this is prestige, this is the New York Yankees, the greatest sports franchise of all time.

Bob’s voice is that brand, it is the Yankees. Thank you for all the memories Bob, may you sleep soundly.

One True Home – 102.3MP Yankee Stadium Wide Angle Panorama

Of all the places I’ve spent my time. No place has as many fond memories for me as Yankee Stadium.

I shot this image almost exactly two years ago at the 2008 MLB All Star Home Run Derby. This would be the second to last game I would spend with her.

I only just now finally getting the chance to assemble it in Photoshop and Aperture. This is my tribute to the most important stadium in all of baseball and my one true home.

May she rest in piece.

Sad day for true Yankee fans

Joe Torre is gone.

Some of the less educated front runner fans will look at Torre and point the blame for the Yankees’ failures in recent years. But what they don’t remember is that in 12 years Joe brought us to the post season 12 times. Before Joe the Yankees hadn’t won the series since 1978 and even been there since 1982. The problem is in perception. Joe’s the best manager in the biz, I firmly believe this.

Joe Torre is not the problem with the Yankees. The Yankees are the problem with the Yankees.

I’m bitter right now about this but I feel in my gut this is the wrong move, though I’m glad it was ultimately Joe’s decision. My co-worker Frank said to me the other day that though he hates the Yankees, he loves Joe Torre. Joe really is the best and he’s an all around class act, Frank said it well: He deserves to work for an organization that really appreciates him.

I’m a Yankee fan for life, but today is a sad day and one where I really am at odds with the team I love so much.

Good luck Joe. Go win another ring.