Cinematography, editing, direction, and acting work. I don’t fashion myself to do any of these things, but somehow I’ve done a fair bit of it over the years.

‘Dinnermost Thoughts’ by Awkward Spaceship

‘Harlem Shake v7185 (Friday the 13th Edition)’ by Long Pork
Co-director, cinematographer, editor, & actor.

‘Aquaman goes to McDonald’s’ by Long Pork
Director, cinematographer, & editor.

‘Variant Cover’ by Long Pork
Cinematographer & co-editor.

’37 Seconds of Your Life 4′ by Zoran Gvojic

‘Common Shiner’s Social Mediasochist’ by Zoran Gvojic
Still photography, & actor (Ghostface and Fisherman)

‘Darwin’s Creature’ by Zoran Gvojic
Creature track footage.

‘Schrödinger’s Mummy’ by Zoran Gvojic