Honoring a commitment to myself

When I was young I really desperately wanted to have an arcade machine in my home. I remember that actually one Christmas I took all the money my family had given me for my birthday and Christmas and invested it in a bank account solely for the purpose of saving up enough money to buy an NBA Jam arcade machine.

Well it’s years later and I still have that dream. My love for NBA Jam has come and gone but something has stayed the same. For years I have put on my Christmas list that I know I will not recieve, but do anyway: A Dodge Viper, a Ms. Pac Man arcade machine and a Guns N’ Roses Pinball machine.

Well, it’s been years and well that money… that account grew a lot, it’s actually enough money to barely cover the purchase of an arcade machine. So I’ve decided, once I’m in and settled in Chicago I’m going to honor this promise I made to myself years and years ago and buy a machine. G N’ R Pinball’s not going to happen, at least not till I’m mega rich… those machines are R A R E. However NAMCO put out something that recently caught my eye:

PAC-MAN 25th Anniversary Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga… all in one machine.

It will be mine.. oh yes, it will be mine. I think younger me would be pleased.