Desires to write

So, I’d like to actually write an entry but there isn’t much going on right now that interests me right now. The biggest, most interesting thing going on in the media right now in my opinion has got to be the whole Boston v. Aquateen Hunger Force scandal. It has got to be the most ridiculous case of paranoia and stupidity I’ve ever seen in this country.The city officials in Boston should be the ones facing trial not these two guys. They caused mass hysteria and wasted tons of taxpayer money with this whole affair and insane. I especially love their insistance on calling a glorified Lite Brite a “Hoax Device” seeing as their whole case exists on some bizarre premise that light up advertising boards with cartoon characters and D-Cell batteries somehow look like bombs.To be perfectly honest I think this is one of the most interesting things to happen in our country for a long time. If these guys get any sort of punishment it’ll be a grave injustice in our legal system.I’d like to contribute something to the discussion about it but to be perfectly honest.. I don’t think there is anything left to add from my angle.For those uninformed, the best place I’ve found to get info regarding the topic has been Boing Boing.