Quick Thoughts about AT&T DSL

For a long time I have been a big fan of AT&T’s cell phone service. I have been with AT&T (then Cingular) since 2002 and have been extremely pleased.

However I do not share the same opinion about AT&T’s DSL offerings.  Here in Chicago my broadband  options are more than what I had in Brooklyn several years back (Verizon DSL or nothing). When I moved to Chicago I was faced with three options: Comcast, RCN and AT&T. I loath Comcast… my opinions of them could really fuel a whole other entry by themselves, so I quickly dismissed them. I had never heard of RCN so I dismissed them as well and that left me with good ol’ AT&T.

Since signing with them I’ve had random outages, suspected a few incidents of bandwidth throttling and read a lot of stories about them sharing customer information. But, in truth I have not once have I needed to call customer support so my opinion has been neutral regardless. However last night my internet dropped out without warning when I really needed it. Quickly a friend on Twitter confirmed that the outage was seemingly city wide. The outage was short but it was enough to piss me off and screw up my plans.  This left a sour taste in my mouth when I awoke this morning. Then I read something while updating my Flickr profile.  One sentence changed my opinion of them:

 You have a Pro account, at no cost as long as you keep your AT&T Yahoo! service.    

 Okay, so like Flickr Pro is only around $20 a year (and probably the best deal on the planet) and it’s a small contribution when you boil it down. But that said…. it’s enough to make me smile, bring me back to the neutral ‘meh’ I was at before with them and almost turn me into a promoter.

They found my weak spot. Photography is the key to my heart.