General Travels

So here we go…

so far we’ve been flying almost 4 hours. (But of course this won’t be posted until after we land.) It’s 8:48 pm Chicago time which makes it 3:48 am Berlin time.

The flight thus far has been excellent. I am very impressed with Lufthansa (aside from them not letting Aki smoke her e-cig.) All of the seats have monitors built in with movies on demand. I started off by watching “I Love You Man” which was actually pretty good, after that I opted to watch Star Trek… in German. I gave up about halfway through though. I took 3 years of German in high school and parts are coming back to me but sadly most of it has been forgotten.

Not a lot on the agenda for when we land but lots of ideas. My co-worker, Tex (a native Berliner) is going to be in town coincidentally at the same time, so we are meeting up with him in the evening for a bier. Should be fun. Aki and I have already discussed the possibilty of taking a train to Munich for a day. I’m really excited at the possibility, I was in Munich once before shortly in high school and would love to go back.

If we do hit Munich we plan on stopping at the Apple Store while there as well. I brought a spare shirt from work. I’m hoping I can convince an employee to trade me a German one for it.

Already missing friends at home but really excited at what lies ahead. Can’t wait to start taking pictures!