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Berlin – Day 2

Mouse's Apartment at 78

Today was simple but great. We didn’t get to bed last night until 5 am and I didn’t get up till 5 pm. We went to the park again and made dinner (pizza and ramen… awesome.) We are now sitting around Mouse’s place drinking and watching Battlestar Galactica. (Germans love Battlestar Galactica… well at least ex-pats do).

Tonight we’re going to meet up with some people for a party and hopefully stay out till dawn again. I’m hoping to get on the roof and catch some shots of the sunrise.

I am posting a few more shots today as well, including Mouse’s room at 78 and a few more from the park. I’m going to try and document 78 a little more in the coming days.

For those reading this and finding it uneventful… you’re right, but this is exactly how we wanted today, I haven’t been this relaxed in ages.

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Whenever traveling abroad, you should ALWAYS put in relaxing days. During my 18 day/7 country backpacking journey, I pre-scheduled at least 1 easy day (or night) for ever 3 days. It kept me focused, energized and ready for the next adventure/city.

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