Arrival / Night 1 – Thailand Part 2

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So I managed to get some wifi in Hong Kong briefly which is how I was able to post the first entry. So far I haven’t been able to get any service on a Thai network with data using my iPhone. Turns out if I turn off 3G it works fine.

Anyway enough of the Internet woes. I landed around 10:30am and wandered around the airport for a while before finding Christine. We then caught a bus and went to Khao San in Bangkok to find a hostel for the day.

I’m extremely happy to not be on a plane. The travel here was a combined over 20 hours and 5 different airplane meals, I never want to eat something with a tin foil lid ever again.

I made pretty good use of the time though. I did a lot of reading, a lot of writing and rewatched most of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 1. It’s crazy but I have very, very quickly fallen head over heels in love with my iPad, the battery life is insane.

Anyway Christine suggested we check out the market but apparently it’s only open on the weekends so we took a Tuk Tuk (Thai go-kart / cab) to the skytrain in an attempt to check out a photo gallery. After a good hour of wondering we discovered that the gallery was also closed so we decided to settle down at a bar outside and throw back a couple of beers. I made a point to try all three of the major national beers; Singha, Cheng and Leo. All three are pretty basic lagers nothing especially great about any of them. I prefer Chang, Christine prefers Singha.

Our Tuk Tuk driver made us stop off at a tailor, he apparently gets a commission so we agreed to humor him and spend a few minutes in there. Well it turned out I got talked into buying some custom fitted shirts. The fact of the matter though it really was a steal I basically paid $200 for three fitted shirts of my own custom styling and fitting and a supurb pair of slacks. I really do need good dress clothes and the price and quality was beyond reasonable. They had them cut, fitted and delivered to our hostel in just a few hours. That’s pretty unbeatable service.

We are now hanging out in Khao San in a bar with an excellent cover band made up of Thai nationals that do frighteningly good versions of American and British pop songs. The place is swarming with Britons who go crazy at every Oasis song, but I can’t really blame them either, I totally nerded out for the Nirvana covers myself so who am I to judge?

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