New RSS Feed/Removing Google

As part of my continued effort to gradually be more platform-independent, I’ve decided to make some changes to the setup here at

I recently removed Google Analytics from the site, and today I am taking steps to remove Feedburner as well.

I have lost faith in Google to be trustworthy with user privacy and I believe its behaviors with regards to tracking are problematic at best.

Regardless of that, Feedburner specifically seems to have been abandoned by the company, to the point that I’m surprised it continues to function. By making this move, I’m not only removing some disagreeable tracking methods, but I am also future-proofing this site so that I don’t have to make a hurried transition later.

Anyway, new posts are coming soon, but if you are subscribed to this feed, you won’t find them here. So make sure you subscribe to the new feed.

Check back at for more soon.