"Love means never having to tell the authorities where I buried you"

I think Warren Ellis might be a genius. Seriously.

So I’m getting back into this whole blogging thing. And I totally forgot how much of a whore one needs to make themselves to get anywhere at it. The other day I was listening to 24 Cast and they mentioned that they had gotten themselves listed on PodcastAlley.com and it made me think of what I’ve been doing.. reminding me of Technorati, Bloglines and such. I haven’t spent any time signing up for those things with this site yet. I’ll eventually get around to it. If I want this to take off it seems that stuff is key.

I read a lot of sites daily, everything from web comics to tech blogs to politics. It’s not rare to find something interesting on any of these sites but it is rare to find something truely inspiring. Two weeks ago, I was inspired, Apple enthusiast / writer John Gruber of DaringFireball.net took a daring leap into the unknown to do something one can only dream about. He quit his job to make an attempt at bloging for a living. His justification? In short… You should love what you do for a living and do what you love for a living. I can’t express how much I admire that, regardless of if he suceeds or fails.

Maybe some day I’ll have time to be able to blog once a week regularly, after that I’ll start working on full time.