Chicago Design General

Waking up

Late last year, I noticed I had lost a few things from my life. I had fallen into a rut; I wasn’t happy. To make matters worse, I’d fallen into a routine that excluded doing many important things, including designing websites.

Ultimately, this discovery led me to try something drastic and pick up and move to Chicago from New York, where I had spent my entire life until that point. While I miss NY and I miss my friends, I’m happier now, and I’m carving out a new niche for myself here. I’ve missed web design a lot, and I’ve fallen behind. Well, I decided to do something about it, and last month, I attended An Event Apart: Chicago with the hope it would get me back into things.

Boy, was I right! Since the conference, I’ve had design on the brain non-stop. I found myself creatively inspired, in particularly by Jason Santa MariaJeremy Keith, and Liz Danzico.

I’ve been fussing over a site design for this site here for over three years, and it gave me the guts to scrap everything I had and rethink it. I’ve found myself re-energized. Hopefully, the new header graphic treatment will be a taste of things to come, as I plan to be a much more active participant in the design community, so stay tuned.