Roll Outs

As mentioned a few weeks back, I recently had the pleasure of staying with Jeremy and Jessica’s Brighton home. On one of my last days in town, Jeremy told me he was adding me to his “Bedroll,” which is his blogroll (Editors note for mom: A “blogroll” is a set of links to other people’s sites you like) for people who have stayed in his home while visiting Brighton. It is found on the lower right hand of his blog at

That got me thinking, I’ve played around with having a blogroll here before, but I’ve always wound up removing them. I’ve typically decided I didn’t feel there was an excellent semantic reason for me to include people on them; it still felt like a form of favoritism. I’d feel guilty not including some people over others. Jeremy’s solution hit me as a fair and fun way to handle it.

Sadly though, I don’t host a lot of travelers. It’s not that I’m opposed. It’s that usually, I seem to do more traveling myself.

With that in mind, I’ve stolen Jeremy’s idea, but flipped it. Instead of having a blog roll for people who have stayed with me, I am now going to have a blog roll for people whom I’ve stayed with while traveling or have traveled with me. I figure if you can tolerate me for any significant length of time, there should be some form of badge of honor.

So check out these excellent people listed on the left, it’s the very least they deserve for all of there generosity.

Now, if only I could figure out how to add “link category descriptions” in WordPress…