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‘Surface’ Reactions

Eric Meyer nailed my first thought about Microsoft’s new ‘Surface’ computing device. I watched all the product demos on the site just waiting for this to pop up.

On a serious note: That thing looks REALLY cool. I think for once Microsoft is right on the money; it is going to change the industry with this technology. I’m not sure this is the right implementation, but it’s years ahead of the curve. Too bad it costs $10,000.

Then again, I thought Sega’s ‘Time Traveler’ was the future of gaming back in 1991. I was 10. Cut me some slack.

So, how long before someone modifies one to do what Eric is suggesting?

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Had a Feeling Something Was Up

RIP Audioslave.

I kind of saw it coming when Chris Cornell did that song for Casino Royal with another band.  Now all this talk about a Rage Against the Machine reunion?

The writing was on the wall. But it came officially today via Cornell’s MySpace page that he has left Audioslave. Since Audioslave was Rage minus Zack de la Roca plus Chris, I think it’s safe to say they are done.

I’ll be happy if Rage gets back together, but I’m still disappointed. I greatly enjoyed the blend of styles that Audioslave created, and I felt like they were pushing music forward at a time where it was feeling stagnant.

Maybe it’s time for a revolution, though? Rage could certainly kick things up a notch.

(Via Punknews)

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Desires to Write

So, I’d like to write an entry, but there isn’t much going on right now that interests me right now.

The biggest, most interesting thing going on in the media right now, in my opinion, has got to be the whole Boston v. Aqua Teen Hunger Force debacle. This has got to be the most ridiculous case of paranoia I’ve ever seen.

City officials in Boston should be the ones facing trial, not these two guys. They caused mass hysteria and wasted tons of taxpayer money with this whole affair. I especially love their insistence on calling a glorified Lite Brite a “Hoax Device.” Especially since their whole case depends on the premise that light up advertising boards with cartoon characters and D-Cell batteries somehow look like bombs.

To be honest, I think this is one of the more interesting things to happen in our country for a long time. If these guys get any sort of punishment, it’ll be a serious injustice.

I’d like to contribute something to the discussion about it but honestly, I don’t think there is anything left to add.

For those uninformed, the best place I’ve found to get info regarding the topic has been Boing Boing.

General Pop Culture

Honoring a Commitment to Myself

When I was young, I desperately wanted to have an arcade machine in my home. I remember that one Christmas, I took all the money my family had given me for my birthday and Christmas and invested it in a bank account expressly for the purpose of saving to one day buy an NBA Jam arcade machine.

Well, it’s years later, and I still have that dream. My love for NBA Jam has come and gone, but some things have stayed the same. For years I have put on my Christmas list that I know I will not receive, but do anyway: A Dodge Viper, a Ms. Pac Man arcade machine, and a Guns N’ Roses Pinball machine.

Well, it’s been years, and well, that account grew a lot. It is now actually enough money to barely cover the purchase of an arcade machine. So I’ve decided, once I am in and settled in Chicago, I’m going to honor this promise I made to myself years ago and buy a machine. The G N’ R pinball is not going to happen, at least not till I’m mega-rich. Those machines are R-A-R-E. However, NAMCO put out something that recently caught my eye:

PAC-MAN 25th Anniversary Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Galaga. All in one machine.

It will be mine. I think younger me would be pleased.