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SEO Food For Thought: Critical Mass Chicago

In Chicago there are two prominent “brands” that operate under the name “Critical Mass.”

One is a digital PR agency.

The other is a monthly gathering of cyclists who flood the streets with bikes on the last Friday of every month.

One represents brands such as Clorox, Nissan, AT&T, and Rolex on the internet. Including brand monitoring and campaign management.

The other has no branding, no official leaders, and a very loose digital presence.

Guess which one has better SEO?

Excuse me, I’ve got a bike to go ride.

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That is hilarious, though pretty expected, unfortunately. Big shops have typically blown off SEO for both clients and their own sites, mostly because they don’t understand it and don’t know how to value it. Most (not all) are still built in Flash and are incredibly un-search friendly, because it’s all about how the site looks.

And yes, Chris can definitely help them.

Chris, if you get a gig from this I want a commission! Haha. (not really but please let me know out of curiosity)

Brandon, whole-heartedly agree. Big agencies mostly don’t get things like web standards, it’s all about flash and flare. (pun intended)

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the input.

Since CM is a national agency and has many offices around the world we don’t focus on local Chicago based SEO keywords for our website.

Because of the great experiences we have built for our clients and successful SEO campaigns we have executed for our international and US based clients, our work and reputation speaks for itself. Thus, like most large successful agencies, our leads come through referrals from clients. Since we understand where our best ROI is (doing exceptional work for our clients), we focus our SEO efforts towards making our clients successful.

Bill Ross
SEO Director
Critical Mass

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